Thursday, August 25, 2011

Honda CBR 150R mini fireblade

The BRAND NEW 2011 HONDA CBR 150R is fun to ride. It isn't powerful bike and suit for side seeing.

The digital meter is installed in the new model bike. And another functions as fuel level, temp, speed, etc.

New design of the face with aggressive looking head light. The wind screen is great when you speed up the engine.

Also new design of the exhaust and the rear tail.

So if you want to have it on Koh Samui road on you holiday please reservation via email to or call to Mr. Mil at 085-9535355 when you are in Thailand . Check it out the new blade.


This Honda cbr mini bike looks amazing. But i am in search of the mini scooters. Please do suggest some platform to buy mini scooters.

mini scooters

Sorry for belated reply
but we don't have any idea about mini scooters.

do you have this motorbike?
how much for rent?
mothly for 1 year?
or do you have cbr 150 to sell?

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